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While the stigma remains that choosing a tattoo off the wall is uneducated and impersonal, quite the opposite is true here..  As a tattooist, I am constantly researching classic Americana tattoo designs and bringing them to life with my own voice.  It is a shared visual language of line, form, and contrast reaching back to the original masters of the craft that defined it.  This style of tattooing never looks outdated.  Being tattooed from these sheets will always result in a beautiful, clean and unique tattoo.   These are most often client's favorite pieces.  All of these sheets are hand drawn and painted by myself with high quality inks and watercolor on paper.   They can  be tattooed as is or customized to your tastes.

“Traditional Tattooing doesn’t mean being stuck in the past, it means nurturing something that came way before you because you deeply hope it will continue after you. It’s about being in the middle, not being at the end.” – Dan Higgs